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Alejandro Mayorkas Gets Abused By Ted Cruz Like We’ve Never Seen Before

We would call this excessive, but seeing as though in the last few days the flood of illegal migrants streaming across the border into Texas and other southwestern states has increased to record levels yet again we really can’t say that. Yesterday, Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, probably the worst of the dishonest incompetents employed by the Biden administration in a cabinet-level position, was in a Senate committee to spin his usual tales about how his department is doing everything it can to manage what he’s called a “secure” border, notwithstanding the massive numbers of people and the alarming deluge of narcotics, including Chinese fentanyl responsible for more than 100,000 American poisoning deaths last year (they’re commonly called “overdoses,” but that’s not what they are; when somebody thinks they’re snorting cocaine or taking an Ecstasy pill and they drop dead from a fatal dose of fentanyl, that’s a murder, not an overdose).

It’s a lie, an insult and an outrage, but Mayorkas does it every single time he’s called to testify in front of the House or Senate. And he gets brutalized for it, the optics of which don’t always look great for the brutalizers.

That might be true for Cruz in this case. He’s over the top. He’s demanding yes or no answers out of Mayorkas and he’s cutting him off every time he tries to “explain” why it’s “complicated.” But the thing is that Cruz has already sat and listened to Mayorkas as he’s been singing happy songs about how hard his department is working to sort out the border, and Cruz knows what a pack of lies that is.

Ted Cruz is from Texas, after all. It’s his constituents who are bearing the brunt of all of this. His constituents are the ones who have to deal with homeless migrant drug mules traipsing across their land uninvited, and his constituents are the ones fishing drowned bodies out of the Rio Grande. And his constituents are the ones dealing with overcrowded hospitals, schools, roads, public transportation and other basic services which have all but broken down under the weight of the illegal flood.

It’s so bad that San Antonio, which normally has a population of 1.8 million people, now has a population of 2.2 million.

And forget about El Paso, which has turned into a giant open-air homeless shelter now.

That isn’t sustainable, and it isn’t acceptable.

And Mayorkas doesn’t give any answers. He’s sent there for a specific reason – which is to soft-soap the crisis and pretend that all of this is just normal, that the federal government has it under control, that Republicans are being hysterical about nothing while the country’s demographics are being altered against our will under a flood of unskilled, unassimilated (and perhaps unassimilable) and unwanted immigrants who are being let go to find their way into the country to take the jobs and depress the wages of regular Americans while overtaxing and breaking down our social service systems.

A tiny fraction of this migrant flood has turned New York City into utter chaos so complete that the city has turned hotels into refugee camps while its mayor screeches for relief. Blacks in Southside Chicago are in a state of revolt against that city’s politicians over what they feel is a takeover by migrants of their neighborhoods. And other so-called “sanctuary cities” are breaking under the strain of the migrant invasion.

What is Mayorkas and his department doing? Going to court to stop Texas Gov. Greg Abbott from putting water barriers in the Rio Grande to stop migrants from swimming across.

The notion being that to do this is cruel and dangerous, because the migrants have the right to trespass into the country and overtax its social services and trash the quality of life of American citizens – many, if not most, of Hispanic descent, as it’s mostly Hispanic neighborhoods where the migrants end up – by wading or swimming across.

So yes. Ted Cruz is very rude to Mayorkas, and Cruz looks terribly mean in demanding yes or no answers that Mayorkas refuses to provide.

But we don’t blame him. Our only critique, and it’s not of Cruz but of Congress as a whole, is that this back-and-forth isn’t being done as part of an impeachment hearing.

EDIT: This actually happened back in the spring, though this particular YouTube just went live yesterday.


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