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BERNARD: Trump, DeSantis And The LGBTQ Agenda

Former President Donald Trump has been attacked of late by his chief GOP presidential primary opponent Ron DeSantis for being cozy with the LGBTQ+ Folks.

The LGBTQ+ agenda is hostile to God and a civilized world. It might be “controversial” to say this. Not long ago it was accepted almost universally as a fact. Few would argue we’re more “enlightened now than we were two or three generations ago.

It is disgusting to see the LGBTQ+ community trying to corrupt God’s image. However, they are still people in need of spiritual deliverance and mental help. While I do not accept their lifestyle choices, I must still see them as people, as I suspect Trump does.

However, the flags, and the full month of queer supremacism complete with its offensive public demonstrations and intimidation tactics, particularly against Christians, must go. We must reclaim the rainbow.

The Republican Party has homosexuals, lesbians, and fake men and women within its ranks and I am sure DeSantis, just as all of the other GOP primary candidates do, has a few in his circle. Some want to be left alone, something nearly all Republican voters are willing to agree to. But I am sure others want to ram their deviant agendas down our throats. Some are actively lobbying Trump to push their agendas.

While Trump has his views and personal feelings about a lot of issues, for instance, abortion and LGBTQ+, he has not attacked the Supreme Court for striking down abortion or for their opinion protecting Christians from the LGBTQ+ mafia. What Trump has not done is impose his feeling in policies on the American people.

Without Trump standing up to the mob, who tried to publicly lynch Brett Kavanaugh on the basis of a lie, and who did what they could to stop Amy Barrett’s confirmation, we would not be celebrating one big victory after another.

Did we forget, Trump banned fake women and men from the military?

Until Trump starts trying to force these LGBTQ agenda items on what the queer activists call “cis” America (something Elon Musk has rightly called a slur against straights) through mandates or policies, I will continue to support his great leadership.

We have had four years of Trump’s presidency, a successful run, during which he had met with and even befriended brutal dictators in the name of peace and coexistence. Will Team DeSantis post the pictures of Trump with Kim Jong Un to turn people away from Trump, too?

I support DeSantis’ stance on fighting the LGBTQ+ agenda. But attacking Trump for seeking a peaceful equilibrium is not the way.

Instead of working with Trump to make things better, DeSantis the upstart candidate is only looking out for himself. This agitation does not serve to produce a Republican victory in 2024.

Claston Bernard is a former Olympian and All-American track and field athlete at LSU, a conservative activist, author and former Republican congressional candidate. He lives in Ascension Parish.


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