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Cajun Conservatism: Support the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act

As a resident of a rural community in Louisiana, I urge our lawmakers to support the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA) to address the alarming health disparities between rural and urban areas highlighted in the recent study you cited. The findings revealed a 43 percent higher natural-cause mortality (NCM) rate among prime working-age individuals in rural areas compared to urban regions, thus demanding immediate action on all healthcare fronts.

For too long, rural communities have faced limited access to healthcare services and resources, exacerbating health issues like obesity. TROA presents a crucial opportunity to tackle this epidemic by expanding access to evidence-based obesity treatment options, including medical nutrition therapy and prescription drugs.

The widening gap in NCM rates underscores the urgency of addressing underlying health conditions prevalent in rural areas, including obesity-related illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. By supporting TROA, our legislators can help bridge this gap for the nearly 30% of Louisiana residents who live in rural areas.

It's time to prioritize the health and well-being of all Americans, regardless of their population density. Louisiana citizens need to urge Senator Cassidy and Senator Kennedy to support the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act! 


Lu Jones, RN

Ouachita Parish, LA


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