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Constitutional Convention bill moves on from Louisiana House Floor

The Louisiana House recently approved a bill advocating for a constitutional convention, surpassing the necessary two-thirds majority by five votes. The convention is slated to commence on August 1 and conclude no later than August 15, as per an amendment adopted by the House.

Representative Beau Beaullieu, the bill's originator from New Iberia, emphasized that the adjusted timeline will allow legislators to establish guidelines and gather more public feedback before the convention kicks off. Delegates might convene as early as May 30 to select leaders and organize committees. These committees could then convene in June and July to deliberate potential amendments before the full convention convenes in August.

Should the need arise, delegates could opt to prolong the convention beyond August 15, although Beaullieu stressed that it must conclude by August 23 for Secretary of State Nancy Landry to include the initiative on the November ballot.

Governor Jeff Landry remains a staunch advocate for the convention, citing its necessity in addressing an anticipated budget deficit next year. However, he hasn't specified which provisions should be altered, asserting that lawmakers should make those determinations.

Beaullieu reiterated on Tuesday that lawmakers have no intentions of altering the first four articles of the Louisiana constitution, which include sections pertaining to fundamental rights.

The full House previously voted to exempt the homestead exemption and the state's school funding formula from potential changes or removals. Additionally, on Tuesday, they voted to safeguard teacher retirement benefits. Nevertheless, several lawmakers and legal experts have raised doubts about the enforceability of these limitations.

Landry was present in the House on Tuesday to observe the deliberations and vote. The proposal will now proceed to the Senate for further consideration.


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