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Gov. keeps Remy Starns as LA State Public Defender

As the state transitions to a new public defense oversight system, Gov. Jeff Landry seeks to keep Rémy Starns in his post as the state public defender after Starns supported Landry’s push for legislation that gave the governor more control over public defense. 

Starns, after confirmation by an oversight board, would lead the public defender’s office that will have unprecedented say over budgetary matters and contracting decisions. The controversial measure is outlined in Senate bill 8, which the Legislature passed during its recent special session on crime.

Landry also named four appointees to the new, nine-member Louisiana Public Defender Oversight Board, which must vote on Starns’ appointment. Those new members are Paul deMahy, Phyllis Keaty, Peter Thomson and Freddie Pitcher, Jr., according to a release from Landry’s office.


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