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LAGOP: HB 648 Deserves a Vote on the Senate Floor

BATON ROUGE, LA— The Republican Party of Louisiana strongly supports procedural action that will result in a Senate floor vote on House Bill 648 by Rep. Gabe Firment. This legislation would prohibit genital mutilation surgery on minor children in Louisiana.

The Republican Party of Louisiana is deeply disappointed in Senator Fred Mills' tie-breaking vote to kill HB 648 in committee. The LAGOP strongly recommends that the Senate override the committee vote and allow consideration of HB 648 on the floor, where all senators will have the chance to weigh in on this pivotal piece of legislation.

By way of information, HB 648 passed the Louisiana House of Representatives 71-24 with near unanimous Republican support, and the bill is strongly supported by the great majority of Louisiana’s voters. The procedure is banned in states surrounding Louisiana, and failure to pass HB 648 could make Louisiana a destination for such surgeries!

Please call your senator at 225-342-2040 and encourage him or her to bring this bill to the Senate floor as soon as possible. Our children deserve no less!


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