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LAGOP Press Release On Trump Indictment

President Donald J. Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury convened by the corrupt and biased far-left District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Recall that this is the same Alvin Bragg who campaigned that if elected, he would “…get Trump.”

What’s more, to create a charge on which President Trump could be indicted by a grand jury, Mr. Bragg had to resort to a chain of absurd legal theories which will not hold up for a moment in any unbiased court. What we are witnessing is the weaponization of America’s once great system of justice, which today suffered a severe blow.

The issues presented by this prosecution should not be political in nature. They should not pit Republicans against Democrats. No, these issues are far more fundamental than that. What is before us now is the question of whether our system of justice will remain impartial or whether it will sink to the level of the many corrupt and tyrannical regimes where the life and property of every man and woman are subject to the whims of despots and ruthless ideologues.

The deliberate targeting of political opponents by progressive, leftist prosecutors is an affront to every American. This is prosecutorial misconduct in its vilest form, and it is a disgrace to our country which cannot be allowed to stand. Mr. Bragg is the one who should be prosecuted, not President Trump!


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