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LETTERS: Supporting Louisiana's Retirees for a Healthy and Fulfilling Future

Dear Editor,


Louisiana is home to some of our nation’s most hardworking and resilient people, helping to uphold our robust economy. So, when it comes time for these dedicated workers to retire, they deserve high-quality health care that supports a comfortable and fulfilling next chapter. Thankfully, Medicare Advantage helps achieve this mission.


Medicare Advantage is a private-public partnership providing health coverage to nearly 515,000 residents and over half of those eligible for Medicare here in Louisiana. Through the program’s comprehensive benefits and high-quality coverage, retirees across the state are accessing essential health care. Each enrollee picks a plan tailored to their individual needs and preferences, helping each senior receive the benefits that best cater to their health.


Additionally, Medicare Advantage addresses barriers to accessible care among our rural retirees. Members can call telehealth services to consult with their doctors and discuss treatment options, and the program covers transportation to appointments when patients have to go in person. The program also offers prescription drug deliveries, helping those lacking reliable access to pharmacies.

Thanks to these health plans, seniors have stable access to health care no matter where they choose to retire.


By providing retirees with excellent care, Medicare Advantage helps make our senior communities stronger and healthier. But to uphold our commitment to offering accessible care to retirees, Louisiana’s elected officials need to support policies that protect the program’s funding. If our lawmakers can help lead the march in defending seniors’ access to health care, our retired communities can continue to be happy and healthy.



Dot Key


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