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LETTERS: Thanks To Sen. Cassidy for His Work On Medical Innovation !

To the editor:

It was only a few short weeks ago when Senator Cassidy and the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing to investigate ways to lower prescription medication costs.

As someone who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and also has a daughter with severe psoriasis, it’s good to know we have a leader like Senator Cassidy, a former doctor, fighting for thoughtful healthcare legislation and being a voice of reason.

Instead of passing innovation-limiting measures like prescription price setting, Senator Cassidy has continually shown he understands the impacts decisions like this could have on our American healthcare system.

If we want to work toward seeing new cures and treatments for conditions like the one my daughter and I suffer from, we need to create an environment that allows for our pharmaceutical industry to invest in the research and development.

These efforts are oftentimes costly and timely as studies show that it can take almost 10 years and $2 billion to create new medications. Congress needs to pass policies that support research and innovation, not stifle it.

All I want is for my daughter and I is to be able to live a healthy life, but limiting research could mean fewer care options.

On behalf of all Louisianans, I’d like to thank Senator Cassidy for continuing to stand up for medical innovation, I hope others in Congress follow his approach.



Amy Christina


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