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LOUISIANA CITIZENS FOR JOB CREATORS: Landry Addresses New Presidential Administration

As a top leader of Louisiana Republicans, Attorney General Jeff Landry has spoken on the incoming administration. In a statement, Landry outlined a philosophy for conservatives to use in response to the impending Liberal government:

“We all want every President to succeed when it comes to protecting our nation from foreign adversaries. However, when it comes to policies which may harm our economy, our values, or Constitutional rights we can speak up and use our voices, and offices, to push back.”

Landry is right - we all want the best for the country… it’s just that 99% of the time, Biden and his schemes will not be what’s best. That is why it is incumbent on WE THE PEOPLE to use our voices and push back! He went on to address the millions of Trump supporters like you and me:

“For the 70,000,000+ people who supported President Trump’s policies which helped secure our borders, create a roaring economy prior to the pandemic, and protect our values; I encourage you to remind people, if they struggle under liberal policies, what they lost. We must spread a positive message to our neighbors and friends who may not have understood or have acknowledged the need for our policies why we support a conservative vision.”

It’s good to see that Republicans are showing leadership and circling the wagons. We need to be prepared to stand up over the next 4 years and fight back against the radical liberal agenda of Co-Presidents Biden and Harris.

Landry finished his statement with this call to action for all Republicans in Louisiana and across the country.

“Republicans should be united in presenting a contrast and not play into the extreme left’s playbook. There will no doubt be struggles as the very few remaining old-line Democrats struggle with the rising socialists who fuel their party. Let’s let them participate in self-destruction as we remain united and focused on policies grounded in the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

As Attorney General of Louisiana I will remain committed to protecting the federal 10th Amendment. I will work to protect our 1st Amendment and our 2nd Amendment. I will work to protect the right to life along with our right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Thank you AG Jeff Landry for continuing to lend your strong voice in the fight to protect our conservative values!


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