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On Israel & Louisiana

The occurrences in the world right now are nothing short of devastating. For decades, this war has been ongoing between Israel and Palestine. The fight over the religious site will seemling never end. The most recent terrorist attack was initiated by the Hamas terrorist group. Though there was already an 11-day long attack during 2021, Hamas once again sought to attack Israel on October 7, 2023.

It can be easy for Americans to go about daily tasks, not considering the impact of these global events. Ignorance truly can be blissful, as it is comfortable and safe. Yet, it is important to acknowledge the repercussions and how it does, in fact, affect the United States.

Already, there have been at least 1,200 identified Israeli casualties. Furthermore, President Joe Biden released statements that among the dead, the bodies of 14 Americans have been identified. There are at least 20 more Americans in Israel that have yet to be accounted for. This could mean they are being held hostage or a number of other possibilities.

Nationally, military efforts are being taken towards defending innocent lives and recovering US citizens. The government has been consistently sending as many resources as possible to Israel, including weaponry and any other equipment necessary.

As a state, Louisiana has always offered great support towards Israeli efforts. The Jewish Virtual Library stated “Louisiana is one of 33 states that have cooperative agreements with Israel” and that the state “ranks 15th among all states in exports to Israel.Additionally, in 2015, Louisiana companies received more than $30,000 in foreign military financing (FMF) to provide material for the Israeli Defense Forces.”

Governor John Bel Edwards has released a statement acknowledging awareness of the current attacks. He announced that the state stands with Israel as well as any Jewish members of Louisiana’s community.

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