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PRESS RELEASE: Jeff Landry Is The Undisputed Front Runner For Governor

Sen. John Kennedy is a good man and has had a strong voice for Louisiana in the U.S. Senate since taking office in 2017.

Jeff Landry has the utmost respect for Senator Kennedy, but unlike other potential GOP candidates, Jeff didn’t wait for Senator Kennedy’s decision to not run for Governor.

The reason is simple. Jeff has his own vision for re-building our great state…and he couldn’t wait to share his pro-business, anti-crime, pro-life and pro-gun Conservative principles with Louisiana voters.

Jeff has received the LouisianaGOP endorsement and with Senator Kennedy’s decision…

Jeff Landry Is Now The Undisputed Front Runner To Be Louisiana’s Next Governor!

Jeff is a man who won’t back down to the “woke” political left---and he’ll never abandon his conservative principles. That’s the kind of leader we need as our next Governor.

The D.C. establishment wants to stop Jeff because he won’t play ball with their insider political games.

And, as the front runner, Jeff is already a top target of the left-wing media and the radical left. All eyes will be on Louisiana this fall. If the leftists can take down Jeff, it will be the notch in their belt they desperately need heading into 2024.

Jeff will NEVER stop fighting for you and our state. We need to know YOU’LL never stop fighting FOR Jeff and AGAINST the political left who want to destroy our state and our nation.

With Jeff as the Undisputed Front Runner, the time is now to take a stand. Please join with us TODAY.


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