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Scalise Nominated by Republicans to be next Speaker

In the race to the Speaker’s seat, Rep. Scalise of Louisiana, defeated Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio for the Republican nomination to be speaker in lieu of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s removal.

Scalise won the nomination in a 133-99 vote over Rep. Jim Jordan early Wednesday morning.

After the secret ballot vote ending in Scalise’s nomination, he thanked his colleagues for designating him as the next speaker.

"I want to thank my House Republican colleagues for just designating me as the speaker. Obviously, we still have work to do, we're going to have to go upstairs on the House floor and resolve this and then get the House opened again," Scalise said.

There was no indication that there would be a vote on the House floor on Wednesday, leaving the timing of the vote unclear.

It is also unclear whether Scalise will be able to get the votes he needs from Jordan’s supporters, as well as the eight who voted for others and the three who voted present.

Despite this, Jim Jordan is vowing to vote for Scalise, as well as encouraging others to do the same.


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