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Sen. Henry proposes statewide database to track child abusers and negligent individuals

Senator Cameron Henry is the author of Senate Bill 217, calling for the creation of a statewide database for individuals convicted of child abuse and negligence. This is a strong bill that supports the safety of Children within the state of Louisiana. It will allow our law enforcement agencies to keep a record of those individuals who are abusive and negligent towards children in the state. The Department of Children and Family Services reports that in 2022, there were 6,297 reports of suspected abuse and negligence within the Baton Rouge Regional Area. In total, the state received 51,639 reports in 2022.

Some of the hallmarks of this bill include requiring persons convicted of child abuse or negligence to register with local law enforcement and adds that this must be done upon change of address, residence, employment, or schooling within three days of the change in status in person. It also states that local law enforcement will be notified upon registration of an offender. Registered offenders must maintain their registration for a period of 10 years for first-time offenders and for life for any second or subsequent offense.

The bill will be considered in the coming weeks in the Senate Finance Committee.


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