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Sen. Womack's "Millie Matters" Bill Cracks Down On Fentanyl Dealers!

A Senate bill that enhances penalties for fentanyl distribution gained final passage last Friday.

Senator Glen Womack (R-Louisiana) presented Senate Bill 315 known as ‘Millie’s Law which is named after Millie Harvey of Alexandria who overdosed on a fentanyl-laced drug back in 2017.

Millie’s mother, Lily Harvey says people have supported her efforts in pushing SB 315 to the governor’s desk.

“People were starting to come out and help advocate for this. It’s amazing that mothers and the support that I’m getting from families who have been in the same place as I have.”

Harvey says she wanted the death of her daughter to matter.

“I found out that it was much more than about her. It was about many other loved ones that matter. We all have the similar story. I think she will be very proud to know her name is helping people,” Harvey added.

If Governor John Bel Edwards signs SB 315, a person convicted of distributing fentanyl could face a prison sentence of 10 to 45 years.

The new bill adds 10 years to the current law.

“It was hard fought only because we were trying to negotiate something more favorable on the first offender, but we’re very happy with the bill,” Robert Broussard explained.

Broussard’s daughter JonTerez Broussard died last year after taking a drug that he says she did not know was laced with fentanyl.

The Broussards have created a non-profit to raise awareness among young people.


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