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State Rep. Mike Johnson Announces Candidacy for Reelection

State Representative Mike Johnson has officially declared his intent to seek reelection to the Louisiana State House of Representatives, District 27. With a profound commitment to Central Louisiana and a steadfast dedication to serving the community, Rep. Johnson aims to continue his mission of advocating for the welfare of his constituents and the state as a whole.

In his campaign announcement, Johnson emphasized his deep-rooted ties to Central Louisiana, stating, "Central Louisiana has always been a critical part of my life. I grew up here, raised my family here, and planted roots in this community through family, work, community service, and fellowship."

Mike Johnson's impressive credentials include graduating from Pineville High School, Louisiana College, and Southern University School of Law. For nearly four decades, he has served as a practicing attorney, contributing his legal expertise as a special assistant attorney general and special assistant district attorney in Rapides Parish. Additionally, Johnson's commitment to public service led him to assume significant roles such as judge pro temp for Pineville and magistrate for the Town of Ball in 2014.

Beyond his legal career, Rep. Johnson's involvement in various community initiatives underscores his passion for creating a positive impact in the region. He has chaired over 13 boards and committees, including the Louisiana State Police Commission, Louisiana Board of Ethics, and Louisiana Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, among others. Furthermore, his dedication to the well-being of the youth is evident through his role as the Founding President of the Rapides Children's Advocacy Center and CASA.

Reflecting on his previous term in office and his aspirations for the future, Rep. Johnson remarked, "Over these last four years, we've had some great wins, but there's still work to be done. I've always been committed to serving for the betterment of our community, and I would be honored if you would give me the chance to continue working for our state."

If reelected to the state legislature, Johnson plans to focus on delivering common-sense, conservative, reform-minded solutions to address the state's challenges. He envisions a Louisiana that rises to new heights, becoming a place of substantial investment in its people and future. Johnson firmly believes that with strong leadership, reduced taxation, and a smaller government, the state can unlock its true potential and flourish.

As Rep. Mike Johnson embarks on his reelection campaign, he humbly asks for the support of the people of District 27, emphasizing that their endorsement transcends mere politics—it represents a shared vision for a more robust and prosperous Louisiana.

For those interested in learning more about State Representative Mike Johnson and his campaign, additional information can be found at


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