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WATCH: Speaker Pro Temp Mike Johnson Sets Woke Leftist Straight on Crime Session!

At a recent meeting of the Administration of Criminal Justice committee, Speaker Pro Tempore Mike Johnson stood his ground and defended the Governor's criminal justice agenda from WOKE accusations of racism.


Since being elected into office, Gov. Landry's rallying cry has been fighting the violent crime epidemic in Louisiana. Louisiana has the highest per-capita murder rate in America for the 34th year in a row.


Landry is serious about changing this— and the Left is scared.


Sparks flew at the hearing when Sarah Gonzalo, a self-proclaimed "storyteller" of criminals in jail, accused the committee of white supremacy. Gonzalo compared the legislature's crime-stopping efforts to 19th-century efforts "to preserve the supremacy of the white race."


Johnson rebuked her immediately - calling Gonzalo out for her ignorance and bad faith.


"No one in this committee has the intention of oppression, and it's insulting to insinuate otherwise. We're here trying to do something about a serious problem— violent crime in Louisiana!" said Johnson.


The obvious race-baiting by Gonzalo is a disgusting example of just how far leftists will go to stop the common-sense conservative policy.


Conservative efforts to crack down on crime are needed in this state. After eight years of "Jailbreak" John Bel Edwards, we're at a point where violent crime is out of control.


That's exactly what the Speaker Pro Tempore highlighted in his dismantling of this Woke activist.


Watch the full exchange here -- It's worth the 3 minutes!


We're proud to see Mike Johnson standing up and setting the record straight on what this Crime Session is about. His strong leadership in this crime session through authoring bills like HB5 is needed and appreciated.


We cannot let woke liberals deter the much-needed reforms to John Bel's soft-on-crime policies of the past.



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