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Bipartisan Task Force on Artificial Intelligence Established by Speaker Johnson

In a move aimed at fostering innovation and ensuring America's continued leadership in artificial intelligence (AI), Speaker Mike Johnson and Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries have unveiled the creation of a bipartisan Task Force on Artificial Intelligence. The task force is charged with exploring strategies for Congress to navigate the evolving landscape of AI technology, balancing its potential for economic growth with the imperative to mitigate risks.

The Task Force, jointly led by Chair Jay Obernolte and Co-Chair Ted Lieu, comprises twelve members appointed by each leader. These members represent key committees of jurisdiction and bring a diverse range of expertise to the table, ensuring a comprehensive examination of AI-related issues.

Speaker Johnson emphasized the importance of bipartisan collaboration in understanding and harnessing the potential of AI: "Advancements in artificial intelligence have the potential to rapidly transform our economy and society. It is important for Congress to work in a bipartisan manner to understand and plan for both the promises and the complexities of this transformative technology."

Echoing this sentiment, Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries highlighted the dual imperative of promoting innovation while safeguarding against potential threats: "Congress has a responsibility to facilitate the promising breakthroughs that artificial intelligence can bring to fruition and ensure that everyday Americans benefit from these advancements in an equitable manner."

The establishment of the Task Force underscores the recognition that AI presents both opportunities and challenges for society. Chair Jay Obernolte emphasized the need for regulatory standards and congressional actions to protect consumers while fostering investment and innovation in AI.

Co-Chair Ted Lieu, drawing on his background in computer science, stressed the importance of Congress's role in shaping the future of AI: "AI has the capability of changing our lives as we know it. The question is how to ensure AI benefits society instead of harming us."

The bipartisan nature of the Task Force reflects a commitment to finding meaningful solutions that transcend political divides. As Co-Chair Ted Lieu expressed, "I look forward to engaging with Members of both the Democratic Caucus and Republican Conference, as well as the Senate, to find meaningful, bipartisan solutions with regards to AI."

In the coming months, the Task Force will work to produce a comprehensive report outlining guiding principles, recommendations, and bipartisan policy proposals. By harnessing the collective expertise of its members and fostering bipartisan dialogue, the Task Force aims to position the United States at the forefront of AI innovation while safeguarding the interests of its citizens.


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