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LETTERS: Medicare Negotiation Policies Should Be A Non Starter In Congress!

I am writing today concerned about the impacts policies could have on my grandparents.

Currently, the Senate is considering a repeal to a portion of Medicare Part D. Lawmakers supporting this claim that the policy will allow them to make medication more affordable through negotiations. What they fail to recognize is that this could ultimately come at the cost of patient access to medications.

Elderly patients like my grandparents, rely heavily on their medications to alleviate symptoms and manage their conditions. Restricted access to medications they know works could result in unnecessary complications.

For years, I have been confident that my grandparents have received the best level of care. Now, with these policies looming, I have serious fears about the future.

I am calling on Congress to stand up for patients like my grandparents and strike down these Medicare negotiation policies


Peyton Conlin

4550 Highland Road

Baton Rouge LA 70808


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