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LETTERS: PBMs Need To Be A Priority In The New Congress!

Dear Editor,

Looking back on 2022, a lot has happened when it comes to politics. Major legislative efforts were underway, midterm elections were held, and new party leadership has been appointed.

It’s hard to believe that soon we will not only be celebrating the new year, but also a newCongress. There are a lot of new opportunities that can arise with fresh faces in Washington, and I hope our elected officials take advantage of it.

One area in particular that I hope our elected officials focus on are the practices of an unknown group called “Pharmacy Benefit Managers.” These healthcare middlemen alongside insurance companies have been taking advantage of Americans at the pharmacy counter. The loopholes in our nation’s healthcare system have allowed Pharmacy Benefit Managers and insurance companies to redirect rebates for the prescription medication that millions of Americans rely upon right back into their very own pockets. Practices like these are downright wrong and should have no place in healthcare. We deserve a system that ensures that any rebate that is made available is directly passed down to the individuals picking up the prescription medication. I hope our lawmakers make this a priority in the new year. Thank you, Lisa Hightower


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