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LETTERS: Price Controls Must Be Opposed!

Dear Editor, Since early adulthood, I have suffered from Grave’s disease, a common autoimmune disorder that causes the overproduction of hormones in the thyroid gland. My doctor's only choice was to remove my thyroid entirely. The current treatment options for Grave’s disease are limited, but thankfully research and development into new cures continues daily. I fear, though, that any push to enable government price-setting of prescription medications could dissuade the pharmaceutical industry from investing in new hormone-related treatments. Price-setting measures are not fair to patients like me, and they do not offer us anything beyond closing the door on a potential new cure or treatment. Medical innovation could forever change if the government implements price controls. I hope for the sake of the millions of patients suffering from Grave’s disease and other incurable conditions, Congress will make the right choice and strike down these price-setting measures. I urge our Louisiana Congressional Delegation to stick up for patients and vote NO on price controls. Sincerely, Lisa Gould Dubberly, Louisiana


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