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REP. OWEN: A Story Not REALLY Mine to Tell—-But I NEED to Pass it Along

A gentleman I consider a friend nearly lost his life a few days ago outside a convenience store right along Interstate 49, just south of Alexandria.    He and his wife were victims of a carjack at about 10:30 one night.     He’s alive today for one reason—he was carrying a gun and had the wherewithal to defend himself and his wife.

My friend and his bride of several decades had stopped at the convenience during a trek from south to north Louisiana.  When they walked in the store, theirs was the only car in the parking lot.  When they came out, there was a car near theirs.   His wife was about to take her turn driving, so she moved into her seat on the driver’s side and he got in the passenger side.

As they were entering their seats, a man appeared and put a pistol to the lady’s head.   A threat was transmitted and the wife was told to get out of the car.   The assailant told them both get out and to keep their hands in plain sight.  When the lady exited the car, the robber turned her around and pointed the pistol at the back of her head.

Thankfully, my friend carries a pistol.   He drew his pistol and fired at the assailant. Gunshots were exchanged in both directions; no one was hurt.   The robber’s gun apparently jammed and he jumped in the car and drove off.

According to the news, law enforcement picked up the assailant down the road.

My friend and his wife were shaken, nonetheless, but were unharmed physically.

I’m not telling anyone what to do, nor even making a recommendation.   I am telling anyone who will listen, however, that I’m glad my friend had the sense and foresight to own a gun and to have it readily available for he and his wife.  Yes, he was trained and had a permit.    I’m proud of his courage and of the fact his actions saved his wife’s life and his, too.

A good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun.  A strong man saved the day.

Editor’s Note: Rep. Owen’s friend in question is New Orleans podcaster Bill Wallis, and for more on the incident, see this…


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