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TIMES PIC LETTERS: Graves Should Run For Governor

I urge Garret Graves to run for governor. Now that Billy Nungesser has declared that he isn't in the race, it appears that he is the only person who stands a chance to beat Jeff Landry.

Even though Louisiana is a red state, there are many Louisiana Republicans who are Republican centrists with conservative, but not rabid, principles. They need an alternative to a far, far right candidate.

Given a choice, I think Graves would get many of their votes. They know him, like him and have seen his performance at the national level and his sensible voting record.

It appears that Landry’s political principles are more aligned with Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott. Louisiana voters have witnessed Landry’s recent frivolous lawsuits and attention-getting political stunts.

Also, there are many centrist Democrats who understand that there is no viable Democrat candidate for governor in today's political environment. In our open primary state, I'm sure Graves would get many of their votes, as well as in the runoff election.

He should consider these factors, and give Louisiana voters a choice.


retired consultant

St. Amant


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