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Capitol Update from Governor Jeff Landry

"We had a tremendous victory when we captured the Governor’s mansion. The large crowd who arrived at the Inaugural Ceremony, despite our last minute date and time change, was a testament to the excitement we all feel about the start of a new day in Louisiana.

We have already embarked on real change. We have appointed leaders for many state offices, in many cases new leadership to move us forward. I was proud to stand up for common sense by signing Executive Orders directing state government to begin tracking the cost of illegal immigration. I also stopped attempts to weaken graduation standards.

Now, this week, we have entered into a Special Session prompted by federal litigation regarding redistricting.

No one dislikes this redistricting process we are going through more than I do. I have invested tremendous time and effort in supporting Republican candidates up and down the ballot both here at home in Louisiana and nationally. I have been an activist, a personal donor, and a candidate.

At every step of the way I have worked to support our common sense, conservative values.

Unfortunately, we are at a point where a failure to act in the Legislature on redistricting will result in an Obama-appointed federal judge drawing, possibly three, new Democrat congressional districts. As your Attorney General I helped fight this battle in the courts. Now, Attorney General Liz Murrill and I both agree we must act as a state, in the Legislature, or the Judge will act on their own.

Today, the Louisiana State Senate took the first step in ensuring the voter’s voice is heard in the redistricting process by advancing a new Congressional District map.

The vote of the Louisiana State Senators listed below, today, ensures the State of Louisiana, moving forward, will have four solidly Trump Republican Congressional districts. The map these Senators voted to approve will protect the only female congressional member of our delegation, protect the current U.S. Speaker of the House, protect the Majority Leader of the U.S. House, and satisfy the courts.

Please join me in thanking these Louisiana State Senators who voted to keep a Republican majority representing our great state in Congress:

Senate President Cameron Henry

Senator Jean-Paul Coussan

Senator Mark Abraham

Senator Heather Cloud

Senator Patrick Connick

Senator Rick Edmonds

Senator Bob Hensgens

Senator Valarie Hodges

Senator Caleb Kleinpeter

Senator Patrick McMath

Senator Blake Miguez

Senator Beth Mizell

Senator Bob Owen

Senator Mike Reese

Senator Jeremy Stine

Senator Bill Wheat

Senator Glen Womack

While, again, this process causes me as much concern as it does you, the State Senate's action today protects the Republican Party and conservatives in this state and this country.

Now, another way to ensure we keep four Trump Republican congressional districts is to close the primary elections.

As we work on this redistricting process, driven by the courts, we have a tremendous opportunity to strengthen our elections by moving to an expanded Closed Primary system in Louisiana.

We already use a Closed Primary in the Louisiana Presidential Primary and it works.

President Trump was chosen in Louisiana through a Closed Primary. When we tested closed primaries years ago for additional offices several other well-known Louisiana leaders won their first major election in a Closed Primary, they include Majority Leader Steve Scalise, Treasurer John Fleming, and me. Closed primaries work.

Liberal Democrats should not influence or vote on who might be the Republican on a final election ballot and the same can be said for Republicans seeking to vote on Democrats during the primary process.

It is only fair, and it makes common sense, for Republicans to pick the Republican nominee and for Democrats to do the same.

So, please join me in asking your Legislators to vote "yes" on the Closed Primaries legislation I put forward this week.

If you need their contact information, you can find your State Senator's and State Representative's by using this link here.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we work to strengthen our great state."

For Louisiana,

Governor Jeff Landry


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