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Influential State Senator Voices Support For Carbon Capture Storage Amid Statewide Debate

In a recent edition of the Abbeville Meridional, Senate Natural Resources Chairman Sen. Bob Hensgens voiced his support for Carbon Capture as a way for the Energy Industry can continue their important job creating function. He highlighted this 250,000 worker strong sector has been critical to the development of Louisiana and how CCS can continue to grow the LA economy.

Hensgens wrote:

Like many energy producing states throughout our nation, Louisiana has a golden opportunity in front of us to continue its energy tradition and advance the future of energy through embracing new technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS). And, I’m excited that Calcasieu, Cameron, and Vermilion has the geology and industry leaders to be a global leader of CCS projects.
The use of oil and gas as an energy source is not going away anytime soon, but the need to utilize resources in a responsible manner will continue to increase. Here in Louisiana, we are in the perfect position to continue our oil and gas production and scale the development of CCS at industrial levels. Not only are we home to an energy workforce of some 250,000 people strong, but we have direct access to geological formations that are needed to safely store captured carbon emissions.
As Jason Lanclos with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources testified at the state legislature, Louisiana is at the forefront of being able to take advantage of the economic and environmental value of CCUS technologies led by energy sector innovators. However, we need the continued support of our federal and state government to help ensure that we are putting in place forward thinking, regulatory framework that will allow us to use our industry resources and geographical location to make CCS possible.
The opportunity for continuing our state’s energy rich future is ours for the taking. Now is the time to act.
Bob Hensgens Louisiana State Senator - District 26


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