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LETTERS: "Medicare Advantage Transformed My Life!"

Dear Editor,


Like many other Louisianans, I cherish the tranquility and close-knit community that comes with leading a small-town life. But since I retired, living in a rural area has proved to be challenging. I require consistent access to health care, which used to mean traveling upwards of an hour to talk to my doctor.


Luckily, I enrolled in a Medicare Advantage, and now, I never second guess my distance to care; it’s right at my fingertips. With my plan, I can access a telehealth service and receive care from the convenience of my living room. This feature is a game-changer to my overall health, allowing me to speak with my doctor without dreading a stressful commute.


Plus, my plan includes prescription drug and grocery deliveries, which are particularly helpful on days when I don’t feel up to leaving my house. With these additional benefits and access to some of Louisiana’s best doctors, this plan goes above and beyond to keep me healthy.


Accessible health care has transformed my lifestyle and helped me embrace my age. And I’m not the only one. Nearly 460,000 seniors across Louisiana are counting on policymakers to listen to our needs and show support for Medicare Advantage so we can all enjoy healthier and more vibrant lives in retirement.



Francis Willard


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